The KGL is a regiment that has existed in some shape or form since the 12 of june, 2014.
We are primarily a line based regiment however we do have plans for expansion into
other units and have many members who are from non line backgrounds. We have a
common love for memes, cats and having a laugh, if that appeals to you then feel free
to contact one of the officers via steam or just pop onto Teamspeak before an event
and someone should be able to help you join us.

Monday - Freeday

Tuesday - 33rd LOTR Event - 7pm GMT

Wednesday - Freeday

Thursday - Trench Battle Official - 7pm GMT

Friday - Freeday

Saturday - Freeday

Sunday - 33rd Sunday Linebattle - 7pm GMT

We also run additional freeday/post event groupfights/1v1s and other games based on demand although most of the KGL don't have the latest and greatest in computer hardware, as such we mostly play older/cheaper games, this has included:

Sins of a solar empire: rebellion,
Fistful of frags
Company of heros 2
left 4 dead 2

Commanding officers:
Colonel - Col
Lieutenant Colonel - LtCol
Major - Maj
Captain - Cpt
Lieutenant - Lt
Second Lieutenant - 2ndLt

Non commissioned officers:
Company Sergeant Major - CSM
Sergeant - Sjt
Corporal - Cpl
Lance Corporal - LCpl

Royal Fusilier - RF
Kingsman - Kgm
Veteran - Vet
Regular - Rgl
Private - Pte
Recruit - Rec